From a very early age, Daïtshi Yamamura has been passionate about music and driven by the desire to learn how to play musical instruments. Five years ago, the young producer started immersing himself in the world of electronic music, and began to explore the endless possibilities offered by this broad musical genre. Gradually, Daïtshi began to define a musical style of his own, between deep-house and future chill, through various productions released independently, which had a promising success (with a total of 19 million streams, including 1,900,000 streams for "Until We Die" and 1,830,000 streams for" Coming After You ").

Daïtshi's four new tracks, published today via Toco International, reveal an artist who is growing in maturity and confidence, and who continues to explore the deep-house and chill universe without hesitating to pay tribute to his Japanese roots, concerning the arrangements and sounds. With the help of his catchy melodies and his rich and captivating productions, Daïtshi is on the right track to join the list of artists to watch in the worldwide deep-house scene.


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