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Mateo is a 17 years old artist from the Netherlands. In 2017/2018 he had his first releases on Spotify, experimenting and evolving in house music. 2019 started quietly but after the release of "Free' in august things changed. Right now Free has more than 1 million streams on Spotify alone and shows no signs of stopping there. His follow up track "It Ain't Right" released in november reaching more than 30 000 streams the first week only, and over half a million streams within 4 months. His sound is a mix of pop and (deep) house genres often combined with piano sounds, nevertheless experimenting and evolving is an important part of the proces whereby he is not tied to a certain genre.
Receiving support from artists such as Brooks and Showtek and playlist additions on the biggest dance playlist on Apple Music, 2019 couldn't be any better.
From summer 2020 new music is released and more is on the way. The first songs showed some promising results: the collaboration "Here With You" reached positions in the Apple Music charts in several countries peaking at #55 in Belgium. The song "Higher" reached more than 35 000 streams the first week only. This is a good start, but the year is not over yet...


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