It's been a while since the German producer from Brussels started producing music. He writes, produces but also moves the crowd with his turntables. His influences are diverse: as far as electronic music is concerned, it can go from Trance to Dubstep while passing by Deep House but also current urban music.

M.O.T. explains :

"I had strong influences when I started producing. Whether it's electronic or acoustic instruments I've been able to shape my own style with a certain authenticity. If I produce different kinds of music it is to avoid a certain redundancy. I also like to challenge myself by collaborating with other artists and singers; sharing musical creations while keeping my own touch. In my opinion, each experience with another musician is an opportunity for originality. Starting with a simple chord allows me to focus on the direction I want to take the piece in. No matter the melody, whether it is melancholic or more joyful, sometimes I only spend a few days on the sound and sometimes it can take me months... Each production is unique."


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