Single Spark is coming up strong. At the age of 18, he decides after his studies to entirely get into his passion by integrating the French Music School ‘DJ Network’ and get his graduation. He works hard and signs his first contracts with Soonvibes and Supermind in 2017 with ‘Away From You’, ’Nevermind’ and ‘Dance In The Dark’. After entering the Top ITunes several times, he follows his path by signing his track ’Time’ on Ace Face Records. Then, he earns the opportunity of getting signed on ‘Happy Music’ by winning the Soonvibes Remix Competition of ‘Lura & Ruggiero’. 2019 kicked off very well with his single ‘Hideaway’ on the Top French Dance Label, an official remix for Traumarchiv Records and a single in collaboration with Romain Dary. His talent being estimated, he collabed with Big Z on ‘Feel The Same’ signed on Strange Fruits which received a lot of support from Oliver Heldens, Steve Void, Going Deeper & Jay Eskar and hits over one million streams on Spotify. After his collab with Big Z, Single Spark kept on releasing tracks at the start of 2020 such as ‘Break From The Light’ and ‘Catch My Breath’ which received big new supports from Sam Feldt and musicbyLUKAS.



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